Q&A :: Wedding Proposal Programs?

Hi Flower Friends,
We have a good question today from one of our readers. Please leave your advice and thoughts in the comments section!
Thank you,

I am in need of updating my wedding proposal program. I’d love to know what other florists are using and their thoughts on functionality.


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  1. You may want to look at Honeybook. They did a demo for me and it looks like it could be great for a lot of florists. Everything is in one place, proposals, payment info, etc. I know a company in my area that uses them and they love it.

  2. Hi Bill!

    I’ve been using a new program called StemCounter.com! It’s still in beta stages right now and free to those with access codes. Anyone currently using it received 3 codes to give out. You can price a bride out on the spot with it, and it even provides you a shopping list at the end when it’s time to order flowers! Just a few of my favorite things about it :)!