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The Question:

I love the recent post on how people transport their flower arrangements.  I’d love to see a follow up on more specifically how people transport and present their bridal party bouquets.  It’s something I’m looking to change up from my shop and would love some inspiration from other people in the business.  We currently use a large white cardboard box with plastic buckets inside and tissue paper to cover them up.


The Answers:

We use BlumeBoxes to deliver our bridal party flowers. They are boxes with plastic bags inside for each bouquet. They work great and we can customize them however we like (adding a sticker, ribbon, etc) You can get as fancy or simple as you like. I just received an email that BlumeBox was bought by a company called FlowerBox and they will be coming out with a new line of products. You can check them our here http://www.flowerbox.com/ or here http://www.flowerbox.com/blumebox.
Best of luck!
Daphne, Ashby Floral Boutique, Ohio

Ashby Floral Bouquets in Blumeboxes

Ashby Floral

Ashby Floral Bouquets in Blumeboxes

Ashby Floral Bouquets in Blumeboxes


Recently I made some changes to the way I deliver my personal flowers. I had been delivering in glass vases and plastic crates and found that I was always having to track those down later, plus I didn’t really have a way to brand those items. I discovered BlumeBox, which makes recyclable cardboard bouquet holders in different colors. They come with a plastic liner so that the bouquet can still be delivered in water. I have stickers with my logo printed and they are used to mark each bouquet (Bride, Maids, MOB, etc). I repurpose the long boxes that the flowers are packed in and line them with colored tissue paper and then place the BlumeBoxes in that. It makes for a great presentation. I also use long stem plastic rose boxes for delivering the boutonnieres and corsages. They are also labelled with branded stickers. I feel that the branded label/logo stickers bring a cohesive look to the delivery. I also like that all the materials are either recycled or recyclable and I ask that my brides recycle all the packing materials.
Blair, Sweet Blossoms, Maryland


We buy the 7″ glass cylinders by the case full from the dollar store online. They are $1 and usually the perfect size. We add a ribbon and tag for each and they are the clients to keep. For smaller bouquets (mothers or flower girls) they have a smaller 5″ curved vase we order.
Buffy, Pink Posey Design, Colorado


I invested in a few Flowertotes (www.flowertote.com) this year and really like them for transportation. However, trying to figure out the best interior configuration that works well for your collection of vases is overwhelming. They have many choices.
2 litter Pop bottle crates also work well for many containers and are stable in your car.
As far as presentation of the Bridal Flowers I think the Wow factor is best. We never dump and run. We get to the church early or our Farm Bridal Room early to set up the bouquets so when the girls walk in everything is beautiful.
For the guys we always display boutonnières on a beautiful tray while we pin.
Nancy, Destiny Hill Farm, Pennsylvania

Destiny Hill Farm Bridal Bouquets

Destiny Hill Farm – Bridal Bouquets


I think that deciding what is best for you in transporting is an “on going” learning process. I have been in business going on 5 years and I think this past year was our best “transporting” year. Recently, we purchased (8) lightweight wooden boxes from a wine shop that was selling them very inexpensively. I originally thought we’d use them as table centerpieces for our daughters wedding. As it turns out they are an excellent height and size to transport bouquets. I buy 7 inch cylinders and then place a printed sticker on each vase that tells who is to get which bouquet, i.e “Bride” or “Bridesmaid.” I use a really pretty font when printing out the stickers. The 7 inch cylinders are a perfect size for the bouquets so I don’t have to worry about them damaging the bottom of the bouquets. When I arrive at the venue I take all of them out the the boxes and place them in a nice arrangement on a prominent table that will be seen by the bride as she walks in. I do not collect these vases. They become the Brides or the venue keeps them. As for the boutonnieres, I like to use a very nice shallow box. I line it with tissue and then I stick a lapel pin in through the clear bags with each tagged “Groom,” “Groomsman,” “Father of the Bride,” boutonniere and I stick it into the bottom of the cardboard box. I close the box and label it along with a few instructions for pinning and/or how to care for their boutonniere. For example, I tell them that the Bride has specifically chosen this style of “bout” for her wedding and would love to see how handsome they all look in them so…”please, no high-fives, chest pumping, or picking each other up before the ceremony and before pictures can be taken. After that, you are on your own.” That always gets a laugh from the guys.
Lauren, Garden Gate Florals, Florida


I buy small plastic bins that have handles on the side at the dollar store, I try to get them in my shop colour ( blue) but will sometimes have to take white or green. I take off the sticker; put my own on the side. Then I put mason jars (from the local hardware store, minimal cost) with a little water in the bottom and stuff tissue around to hold them stable plus look pretty. I can usually fit two bridesmaids bouquets inl or one larger brides bouquet. This allows the bridal party to easily transport the flowers in the limo etc as needed, and keeps them upright and stable as well as in a little water to help keep fresh ( I don’t wrap the entire stem, there is usually a couple of inches of stem that can sit in the water). I put in some paper towel with a small instruction card saying to wipe the stem ends before holding the bouquets so the dresses don’t get wet spots. If it is cold weather I will put the whole thing into a large clear plastic bag and tie it up top to create a warm bubble of air that is easy to access and re tie as needed.
Jessica, Periwinkle Flowers, Ontario, Canada


I have two of the foam boxes( I can fit two across the back of my vehicle) that can hold up to 5 vases/containers each ( each bouquet is provided in a vase for weddings). For boutonnieres and corsages I put them in boxes and then in pretty bags with handles for not only ease of transportation for me, but for ease of the person in charge of them on the big day as well. I also have several colored towels that match our signature color that can be put in to support large containers. For petals, they are placed in long , low boxes ( which match the boutonniere/corsage boxes) lined with waxed tissue. Presentation makes a difference.
Kris of KRISanthemums, Oregon


We use the 8″ blumeboxes. They come in a variety of colors and because they are wider at the bottom, they are fairly stable. Each box gets a label with our logo and we write the name recipient on each label.
Althea, Rose of Sharon Floral Designs, Arkansas


The personal flowers are the most special. I try and make sure that I am the one presenting the flowers in person to the bride.

I invested in some wooden crates – you can source vintage ones, find new ones and paint them – I just make sure that they aren’t too tall and can accommodate the bouquets. I line the bottom of the crates with wooden excelsior, place the glass vases in the excelsior (which helps keep them standing up) and then cushion with tissue paper.

Each glass vase has a hand written tag with the recipient’s name. It can be a little bit more work to get the names of the bridal party (correct spelling is a must) but when you walk into the bridal suite with crates of beautiful bouquets, everyone pauses. It also makes for a great photo op. Of course you will need to retrieve your crates but this extra trouble makes all the difference. When delivering personal flowers, I want the presentation to be as beautiful and meaningful as the bouquets.

Julie, Beaumont House Design, Virginia


I recently launched Eco Fresh Bouquet and I do believe I have a solution for you to effortlessly transport your bridal bouquets to the ceremony and, create a lovely presentation all while using no buckets of water. Bridal florists are loving the ease, simplicity, and performance of this product!

How it works-

Eco Fresh Bouquet is a new and amazing floral hydration stem sponge-wrap™ system for hand-held bouquets. Designed for large size bouquets, easily trims to fit smaller bouquets, this highly absorbent sponge-wrap evenly distributes hydration to flower stems maintaining freshness through delivery and beyond.

Weddings bouquets are a breeze, brides can manage the hydration of their bouquet on their own with absolutely, no drips, spills, and… no fear on your way to the ceremony- hooray! As seen below, the hydrated sponge-wrap is placed around the stems and secured with a plastic bag, sans plastic buckets.

When applying the sponge-wrap to a wedding bouquet, the sponge-wrap and plastic bag are trimmed just to fit the very ends of the stems, the ribbon can be applied at any time. When the music starts, she can effortlessly remove the sponge-wrap and bag with no mess and just toss them away!

A cardboard box wrapped in wedding paper with each bouquet wrapped separately in tissue or kraft paper depending on the theme of the wedding would work nice. You can be confident your bouquets will arrive fresh and beautiful with a professional polished look with Eco Fresh Bouquet, every time!
I would be happy to send a sample to you to try.
Best always,
Debbie Demarse


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  1. The Flowerbox looks amazing especially when personalized, but the price must be factored in during the wedding consultation (almost 6$/each on the website). Do your brides ever object to paying a little extra? With bridesmaids and flower girls, the price can start to go up easily.
    The dollar store cylinder vase seems to be a good compromise for florists and brides 🙂

    • Thanks so much Stephanie for the positive note! Our retail prices are listed on the site, but if you’re a wedding planner, florist or event planner, you qualify for Reseller pricing! Just send us your reseller’s certificate and enjoy significant savings, plus quantity discounts!

  2. I LOVE the bloom boxes, I hope with the new company that bought them will lower the prices there pretty pricey but work great.

    • Thanks so much Laira! We’re very excited to continue and grow the FlowerBox line. All of our new boxes are completely waterproof ( No more damaged cardboard!) and the liner is built in for ultra ease and convenience! Plus check out our full line of waterproof sticky ribbons to accessorize the boxes! Super fun!

  3. For bridal bouquet transportation we actually re-use the boxes the flowers come in from the wholesaler. Our company takes pride in recycling, being eco-friendly, and environmentally conscious.

    I know you may be thinking, “How or why would you use those ugly boxes for bridal bouquets?”

    First, we take a smaller box and flip it upside down and place it in a larger (usually in width) box. We then take the smaller box and cut holes to comfortably fit the bouquets in. We account for proper placement of the wholes, making sure to give enough room to not crowd or smoosh the bouquets.

    Next, when the bouquets are finished we place our custom tags with our company logo on each bouquet to properly label everything. We wrap the bouquets in tissue paper, also from the wholesaler boxes, and place them into the holes of the box. (Our wholesaler actually has gorgeous tissue paper they wrap our flowers in). The tissue paper is great because it acts as a buffer from the cardboard and cushions the bouquet perfectly; not to mention it adds a nice touch of color.

    So although it is not the fanciest of technology, it works great for transportation, and we leave the boxes with the bride so there’s no hassle.

  4. FlowerBox is very excited to continue and grow the BlumeBox line. Be sure to check out our brand new Grab & Go Vase. It’s perfect for bridal bouquet delivery: http://www.flowerbox.com/ideabook/all/grab-and-go-bridal and be sure to sign up for reseller pricing. It’s simple! And sign up for our catalog, to receive all the news about our brand new, completely waterproof product line! https://www.flowerbox.com/catalogrequest/

  5. Thank you so much for posting my question Alicia, and thanks to everyone for the very helpful responses! I have a lot to think about.

  6. You guys make some great points here, with some excellent ideas I’m going to use for inspiration in the future!

    We’ve developed the character of our brand by ditching the vase and trying to get creative with the vessel of our arrangements. We’ve used everything from hollowed out wood/gourds to watering cans and other niche-related cost-effective containers.

    Thanks for the blog, keep up the good work!