Q&A :: $$ tips for Florists?

Hello Flower Friends,
I have a question for all of you today from a business owner. Please leave your suggestions, comments, thoughts and advice in the comments section of the blog.
Thank you in advance!


My boss and I are curious to know if any florists out there receive $$ tips? The amount of effort and creativity that goes into the daily work, would be nice to receive tips the way that waitresses do. Does anyone else believe so? We would like to know what other florists would have to say about that. Thank you.

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  1. Sometimes I receive tips and sometimes I don’t. I don’t really think too much about the tips because I love and enjoy what I do. In my opinion, tips are a nice gesture but we shouldn’t feel entitlted to it. Don’t forget that we charge quite a bit for our time and effort! Receiving tips is nice but I feel happier when I receive ‘thank you’ cards instead. =)

  2. I have certainly received tips, and think it’s lovely when I do. I don’t really think we should expect it. We should charge accordingly for own creativity, product and time. I do have a little dish out in my shop with a sign that says, ” Ideas 25 cents each ” Ha.

  3. C. Virgallito says:

    We typically don’t receive tips, but we don’t expect to either. Occasionally, someone ordering flowers to be delivered will ask to add a tip to their bill for the delivery driver. Or sometimes a walk-in customer will give us a tip if we’ve spent extra time with them or make a special arrangement on the spot for them to take with them.

  4. We are a wedding and event operation without any daily deliveries and we do receive tips.
    Whatever team is doing the wedding set up takes the tips back to the studio and we keep them in an envelope Jan-Dec then around holiday time I divide the cash equally amongst employees, rounding up a bit for them. 2 years ago they each got $250.

  5. I get a few tips here and there but I don’t expect it 🙂
    I don’t think you can compare with waitresses, usually they make less than minimum wage and depend on tips to make up for it. Since us florists are paid hourly and charge extra for our time on bigger pieces, I wouldn’t even think of getting tips.