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Hello Flower Friends,
I have a question for all of you today from a business owner. Please leave your suggestions, comments, thoughts and advice in the comments section of the blog.
Thank you in advance!


Styled Shoots. How do other people handle working with other professionals? Does everyone cover their own costs or are contracts exchanged with the organizer paying everyone for their services? I recently agreed to provide arrangements for my first styled shoot, being organized by an event planner. Upon further discussion I realized that there was no rain plan and she intended to cancel the event if the weather did not cooperate. Since I would have to purchase and design the flowers father in advance of the shoot this seemed to only be a problem for me (i.e. the photographer, model, etc. did not have a problem with this arrangement). Anyway, just curious how others approach these opportunities so that they are fun and beneficial.

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  1. This is a tough situation for floral designers to navigate it seems. I definitely hear many florists asking “is this right?” when it comes to who’s on the hook for the cost of a shoot. It’s about time we start setting some standards on this aspect of our business. The “who gets credit” issue is also real. If you work with an event planner and she/he gets the top billing on the shoot, but you foot the majority of the bill for the product it doesn’t feel fair. Why don’t we all start by stating up front what our cost for services would be…so a photographer would say what his/her rate is for the day and the editing, the florist tallies up the cost of florals & time, the makeup artist has her/his rate, etc. and then divide the cost equally between all the folks that will get credit? You know why? Because the florist spends the most out of pocket so this deal wouldn’t appeal to the other players. So it will start costing other people money to do shoots if we get reimbursed. Styled shoots depend on pros who’ll donate their time and services to make it happen. If we all value each other’s time and expertise we have to be willing to either pay one another or at least speak up about how much it’s costing us so someone like a planner can opt to do the right thing and chip in if he/she wants to take some of the credit. It’s like if someone says, “hey, let’s have a dinner party…we’ll serve X and Z and invite people for Saturday night.” Then, you buy all the groceries, do all the cooking, the planner sets the table and everyone tells her what a beautiful meal she cooked. It’s delicious. And cost her $0.