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Hello Flower Friends,
I have a question for all of you today from a business owner. Please leave your suggestions, comments, thoughts and advice in the comments section of the blog.
Thank you in advance!


Any tips on what other designers do about “lending” couples their containers for weddings and other special events? In the new area the country that I live in, it is very common for guests to just help themselves to the centerpieces whether they have been invited to do so or not. I charge a deposit fee, label the bottom with my return address, and do not use anything that is irreplaceable, but it is getting annoying for both me and the couples I work with. Just wondering what I’m forgetting.

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  1. I don’t rent out standard glass ware, only very rarely rent out fancier containers. I always tell the bride and groom in the initial consult that they are going to have to make an announcement at the reception to make it clear to guests they can’t take the container, and that is usually enough to make them not want the awkwardness and just purchase the containers instead. Plus charging enough for the pick up fee that it really makes more sense for them to purchase, and I have no problem working with their own vases ( they need to come to me cleaned without stickers, otherwise i charge a fee to do that).

  2. I offer weddings two different ways. One is a full service wedding–with this I have a minimum that I suggest my clients spend so that our “team” can come and service their wedding that day. This includes an evening pick-up of all of our vaseware. I try and make it clear to the host that any missing vaseware will be billed to them; but it tends to be helpful that instead of them returning something; we are physically going back that evening to get items… I have even had to educate guests trying to walk out with flowers that they are welcome to keep the flowers, but that I need to take the container with me.

    ….Of course this is only reasonable on big wedding sets, which leads to my next policy that I have created:

    The second type of wedding we take is a “Pick-up” or a “drop off.” If these clients want centerpieces (usually smaller; more simple ect) I ask for a security deposit. This has been a really awesome system for us so far. When the vases are returned, they get the security deposit back. I usually do at least $100, and I never rent out vase-ware that is not replaceable.

    Hope this is helpful!