Q&A :: How did you decide to become a Florist?

Hello Flower Friends,

I received a note from a reader that I would like to share with all of you, here goes –

How did you all decide to become florists? Any advice for someone such as myself considering this career choice?

I’ve always had love for plants and used to pick and arrange flowers for my mom randomly. I never ‎thought of it as a career until my ouma (grandmother) passed away. I was really disappointed in the flower arrangement which sparked the interest again.

Any and all advice as well as moments leading up to becoming a confident florist will be so appreciated.

Warm Regards,

From Lisa, all the way from the west coast in sunny south africa

Great question, Lisa! I, too, would love to hear how other floral designers decided to take the path of this career!
Please leave your reply in the comments section!!

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  1. Hi, Lisa!

    I’m lucky enough to have grown up in a flower-y family, and in a lull between teaching jobs, I started working at my mom’s flower shop. I hadn’t considered being a florist, but man, did everything click into place. That was 11 years ago, and I haven’t looked back.

    My advice- some business background, and definitely an appreciation of art and nature. The former helps, but the second and third will take you higher. Finding your own style is difficult- look at florists Instagram feeds and see what really “speaks” to you, I like vines, old-fashioned and unusual flowers, so I gravitated towards the work of Miss Pickering, Erin at Floret, and Sarah at Saipua. Yours, of course, will be different.

    I think the way to find your confidence is to find your design style, and feel confident in that, if that makes sense. Mine was a long time coming, so no worries if it doesn’t happen overnight. Also, my Floret Flower Farm workshop experience made me feel valid, and important, and truly creative. Find your “squad,” your sounding board, and do not be afraid to ask questions or be vulnerable.

    Best of luck!

    • lisa vam zyl says:

      Hi Jen

      thanks for the feedback. I have attended some workshops at the cape school of floristry with Gerda Tuffin, since sending this question. Im thrilled I decided to dive into it. I am still looking to gain some experience in a shop environment, before I venture out on my own.
      Florists I have found are generally happy to answer questions and lend a hand to someone willing to learn. I thank all of you for that. Im looking forward to the day I sell my first arrangement =) I still have much to learn and way more to look forward too. thanks again for the feedback