Q&A :: What advice would you give to aspiring floral designers?

The Question:
What advice would you give to aspiring floral designers?

And the Answers:
Be as diverse as you possibly can. Learn all different styles even if you personally prefer one or the other. Your expertise and range will be highly desirable to potential employers and clientele.
Flowers By Gabrielle
Grosse Point, Michigan

Educate yourselves.  Attend as many workshops, design shows and business classes that you can.  Find a professional floral design instructor, preferably one who has credentials, so that you can learn how to do things correctly.  Business classes are essential because you can design something beautiful but if you can’t sell it for a reasonable profit, that’s only half the game.
Deborah Di Bella AIFD
Ambiance Today
Honolulu, Hawaii

Don’t give up! It takes practice, practice and practice. Take classes, buy books, videos, follow top designers on social media. Find a mentor to critique your work. The best way to learn is to actually work in a shop and train on the job. However, that can be a tough nut to crack because shops want people with experience. If aspiring to be AIFD, there is a group on FB called “PFDE Candidates for Symposium” there is a list where you can find a mentor close to you or just pick one you want to work with. 
Adrianna Duran-Leon AIFD
The Flower Company
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pay attention to mechanics!
Althea Wiles
Rose of Sharon Floral Designs 
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Go to workshops, classes, conferences etc. Never stop learning.  Keep up to date by following blogs, Instagram etc. of designers and websites that inspire you.   
Buffy Haramaki 
Pink Posey Design
Denver, Colorado

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