Prom Profits V – WOW Your Website and Internet Marketing By Sarah Botchick

There is no question that to successfully sell prom flowers, you need to think a little different. Like it or not, today’s teens are attached to some type of mobile device every minute of the day! The first place they are going to look for anything they will purchase is online. While the big “push” is for social media marketing, its been proven that search drives more sales. People socialize on social media, the buy on websites.

So you need to WOW your website – its your second store now. Here are some suggestions to get you started:
1) Make sure you have a PROM section of the site – your teen customers don’t know to look under “Weddings” for corsages or boutonnieres.
2) Use lots of pictures of cool and trendy designs. Your own are preferable, but if you would like more, we have 300+ beauty shots available for you to download. Click here to request them:
3) Make sure that your website has prominent links to all of your social media sites. Even if they don’t purchase right then, this allows you to have repeated contact with them.
4) Price everything! The same as in your store – if they can’t see a price instantly, you lose them.
5) Make use of the Fitz Design 4U Facebook page – they post great pictures of prom products in use everyday that you can share on your Facebook page.

Your website and Internet Marketing are one more great tool in your prom profits tool belt!

Thank you, Sarah Botchick, Marketing Director, Pioneer Imports & Wholesale for this insightful post on Prom Marketing!

wristlet corsage with succulents

Designed by Kris of KRISanthemums in Oregon

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