Prom Profits VI – Prom Sales Strategies By Sarah Botchick

When selling for prom, there are a variety of sales techniques that can help increase your sales and profits.

1) SELL THE BRACELET FIRST. They came to you to buy flower – they are not leaving without them! Buying jewelry is normal and comfortable to your customers – flowers are new and a bit foreign.

2) Ask “Which bracelet would look best with your dress?” – Always be positive saying “Would you like a bracelet” is totally different than saying “Which bracelet would you like?”

3) Treat it like a jewelry store – have a mirror and an inexpensive jewelry pad handy for them trying it on. This technique increases the perceived value of the product.

4) Emphasize the “multi-use” concept – many of the newer styles of bracelets are classy enough for prom, yet can easily convert to being worn with jeans and a t-shirt the next day. If they know they will get more than one use out of their corsage, its easier to spend more money! For use as the florist, this is long term advertising – every time they look at that bracelet, they will think of your shop.

5) Don’t forget the add ons – rhinestones, bling, feathers. These are one of the most profitable items in your store because there is almost no labor factor, but the dollar increase can be substantial.

6) Offer “something extra.” – Again, be positive, “Which hairpiece would you like to go with your corsage?” Will every customer buy one? Probably not. But if you don’t ask, you are assuring that none of your customers will buy them!

7) Have the youngest person in your shop as the designated prom sales person. They “get” these items and can enthusiastically sell them.

8) TRAIN your staff. Prom is a relatively new sales area for many florists, make sure your team is comfortable with this.

Try implementing some of these strategies today, and watch your prom profits soar!

Thank you, Sarah, for this great marketing article! Sarah is the Marketing Director for Pioneer Imports and Wholesale.

green cymbidium orchid corsage

Designed by Samantha Barnes of Greenhouse Gallery Florist in
Colts Neck, NJ

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