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Recently while shopping at Stevens and Son Wholesale I was introduced to a new-to-me product called AirNovo. I was sent back to the shop with this product, quite curious to give it a try in my own cooler.

Air cleaner for floral coolers

AirNovo claims to:

  • Increases shelf life of perishables by up to 50%
  • Removes harmful gases that cause spoilage
  • Prevents ripening agents from cross-contaminating other flowers
  • Significantly decreases growth of mold and bacteria
  • Removes all odors
  • Reduces energy costs by 25%
  • All natural . . . USDA compatible

So far I’ve been pleased with the results. I can tell you that it does remove odors! I noticed a difference probably within two days, that “cooler smell” had definitely improved. I do believe my flowers are lasting longer now that AirNovo is in the cooler. When I started the test I had a good amount of greenery in the cooler and I felt the leaves did not go crispy as quickly as they had in the past. Roses and stock both seemed better off. (If you use stock often you know how it can get smelly and grow mold very quickly)
It’s nicely designed and can easily be moved around inside the cooler, which I do depending on what size arrangements I’m packing into my cooler.
Now, I will tell you that I have not had it in my cooler long enough to see if the energy costs have gone down, but I do like the idea and hope I see a difference soon!!

I would recommend trying AirNovo if you have a cooler!
Additional information about AirNovo can be found on their website, the FAQ page is quite helpful.

Thank you to Stevens and Son Wholesale for providing the AirNovo for our product testing.

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