More pretties from Holland

It seemed like everywhere I turned I would see flowers in the Netherlands! Here are a few more random shots that I took while we were out and about.

First flower arrangement I saw, as we walked in the entrance of the hotel:
white gladiolas arrangement

Joost visiting at a beautiful flower shop:
Holland Flower Shop

Upclose of the beautiful flower display, can you just imagine having such a lovely selection of flowers to design from?:
display of flower shop

A heart shaped flower arrangement:
heart flower arrangement

The lady from the shop showed us inside her delivery van, they had shelving units installed to help with packing the arrangements. Here they were getting ready to deliver sympathy arrangements:
sympathy flower arrangements

Flower market in downtown Delft:
flower market in Delft

Designing a hand-tied bouquet:
making a bouquet

The roads are filled with big flower trucks:
Flower Truck in Holland

Modern flower shop in downtown Hoofddorp. I never made it inside, always walking past it outside of business hours. Peaking inside the windows I could see a beautifully designed interior space:
modern flower shop

Flower stand in downtown Hoofddorp:
flower market in hoofddorp

flower market display

Flower shop inside the mall in Hoofddorp:
flower shop display

Nice modern display for plants:
modern case display

Red tip succulents. I did post these on our facebook page to see if everyone thought they were real or fake. They are real, but the red tips are painted on:
red tip succulents

Scenes from downtown Hague, Delft and Hoofddorp:
Hague Netherlands

Joost eating the local delicacy in Hague, Haring ( pickeled herring):
eating fish

We went to the coolest restaurant in Amsterdam called De Kas, it’s a greenhouse that has been converted into a restaurant. The restaurant serves one menu per day, all inspired by what is fresh in their garden. Our dinner was phenomenal!
The Kas Amsterdam

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