I adore Poinsettias, I really do. I see people cringe and say ick when they see Poinsettias and I just don’t see why. It’s a beautiful plant which now comes in a variety of colors. I’ve been searching high & low to find centerpieces which utilize Poinsettias in the design – no easy task, mind you! I did uncover a few beauties to share with all of you.

white poinsettia centerpiece

Designed by Espe Floral

pink and white centerpiece with poinsettias

Designed by Fox Fodder Farm

Holiday Pool Float with poinsettias Los Angeles

Designed by Hidden Garden

red poinsettia flower arrangement

Designed by Martha Stewart

star made of poinsettias

Design by Neill Strain

pink poinsettia and amaryllis with roses centerpiece

Designed by Tulipina

As for conditioning the stems of the Poinsettias for the arrangements, which is necessary since they do secrete that milky sap..
1) They can be placed in individual water tubes, keeps the sap away from other flowers and provides them a water source (useful if arranging in floral foam)
2) Sear the cut stem, easiest over a pillar candle – quick sear and then place in a vase of water. Let it sit in the water and condition before using in your arrangements.

So now what do you think of Poinsettias? Going to give them a try in future arrangements?

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  1. I have to say I have never been a fan of poinsettias….. but you have sold me! These designs are gorgeous!

  2. I love poinsettias! Thanks for sharing these lovely examples of their beauty.

  3. david dahlson says:

    Great feature on pointsettias. As far as conditioning goes I would say that I am not a big fan of searing/scorching euphorbias ( of which family pointsettias are a member of) with flame. It does stop the milky sap from being secreted but it also kills the cambium layer which transports water up the stem. I prefer cutting under water – simple physics means that the excretion of sap is minimized and the integrity of the stem is maintained.

  4. The many new poinsettia varieties available these days are great to use in arrangements as you show in your blog. It is all about how do you use them in design and give the creative minds out there new design idea’s.