Orchids, Orchids, everywhere I look I see more Orchids!

I was thrilled to pieces with the amount of orchids I saw blooming in Costa Rica, every where I looked there were more! Sides of the roads were covered with orchid plants, trees were covered, fence posts would have an orchid blooming from the top. Dare I say it, they grow like weeds in Costa Rica!
Check out the varieties::

Orchids hiding under the leaves, so many stems of orchids!

closeup of the awesome white orchid

Orchids really grow every where in Costa Rica, including on fence posts

Upclose photo of the fence post orchid

The longest strand of oncidium blooms that I’ve ever seen:

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  1. Heaven. I wish I could get my hand on some of those!
    I just watered my orchid collection tonight, and it looks like a few of them are about to rebloom. I couldn’t grow an orchid plant to save my life in Michigan, but I’m having no trouble in Arizona!

    • Janet, I had a beautiful orchid collection in California but can’t even keep them alive in Colorado. Picky little suckers!