Online Etiquette

I don’t get fired up often; if you have met me in person, you know I’m rather laid back. Heck, I’ve booked a lot of weddings because the Bride and/or MOB liked that I am chill. I tend to keep everything in perspective – when people get worked up I say – We aren’t curing Cancer here.

However, there are a few things that just Piss Me Off. I do not like people lying, cheating or stealing.
I loathe, despise, abhor and detest people stealing images of other designer’s work and calling it their own!!! WTF?!?!?
How can anyone think that is OK??

I am constantly in amazement of how many times I will visit a Facebook Page or Website and some designer (who will NEVER appear on Flirty Fleurs) has stolen an image from one of my friends – renamed it, cut off any watermarks, cropped the image a bit and are now call the design/image their own. Again, WTF?!

I cannot even tell you how many people have approached me about being featured on FF, only for me to visit their website and I see stolen images. When I inquiry about the stolen images I am told the website designer did it. Really? Do I like that stupid? Does anyone look that stupid??? Come on!!!
I spend hours surfing floral designer websites, and I know a lot of designers – I recognize work easily. Don’t be put on the black list.

Open Letter to all cheaters out there — Now beyond the lying to yourself, to the original designer, to your friends who follow your Facebook page and tell you how talented you are (talented at stealing maybe) — what happens when you actually have a client come to you and ask you to replicate that exact look? Really, what happens? I’d guess you will fall flat on your face.
Even when a designer legitimately tries to replicate another designers look they can tell you it’s hard. Heck, try freelancing and getting into the groove of another designer’s look, it can be challenging.

Oh, and if you are wondering – the two designers who’s work gets stolen the very most?!
Ovando in NYC and Janet’s from Floral Verde.
If I had a dollar for every time I see their work/images stolen, well, I can tell you I’d be typing this post from my seaside cabana in Belize.

Floral Verde, Bridal bouquet of purple sweet peas, blue tweedia, scented geranium, lilac, white ranunculus, peach stock, white sweet peas, fern fronds

This gorgeous bridal bouquet is designed by Janet of Floral Verde. Janet is one of a kind, she is an extremely talented perfectionist. Only she can create her designs…

Ovando NYC, Contemporary Floral Design with steel grass, orchids and succulents.

This design is created by Ovando. This design/image is one of the most stolen images I come across. Please give credit where credit is due!


If you truly admire another designer’s work and want to share it – there are *nice* ways to do so.
On Twitter link to their handle when sharing their work.
On Pinterest add their name into the caption.
On Facebook, either share from their page and/or link to their page in your text area.

And to those who will say – but, I don’t have enough images to post on my website. Well, hire a photographer and make up a bunch of your own designs to post on your website.


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  1. Well that’s calling a few people to the carpet on Monday!

  2. Thank you for looking out for me Alicia! I have no problem contacting a florist, and asking them to take my work off their site, but most the time I’m not even aware of it!

  3. Tracy Park says:

    LOL why don’t you tell us how you really feel. I don’t know why people don’t think they will get caught.

  4. It’s amazing that people think it will go unnoticed if they take someone else’s work and put it out for all the world to see. I don’t think you’re along with this pet peeve!

  5. Preach!!

  6. Well said! Happens far too often.

  7. Margaret says:

    Alicia lets her inner Valkyrie fly! You go, girl! Tell it!

  8. I am so happy you wrote this rant. Being, still, a relatively newby florist, I gain inspiration from many florists all over the world – learning from them. I will create designs as a result of the inspiration but never copy them. Ever. If I forward a post always give kudos to the designer… It just seems wrong to me not to. They kindly offer us photos to give inspiration and learn. I don’t understand why anyone would ever want to call it their own work.
    I love your blog and follow you religiously on FB!
    Thank you for bringing flowers and floral information to everyone in the world.

  9. Alicia – I agree – Janet is a one of a kind designer (one of my favs actually), and so beyond not being right, it is really rather puzzling why anyone would claim her work as their own! It is so distinct! At least the stealers out there are not too smart so hopefully they won’t be around for long. Haha! (-:

  10. Thank you so very much for this post Alicia! Hello all the way from Sydney, Australia!
    Having the same problem here. and its just getting worse. disappointed to say ive had my own images taken and abused, and when i have confronted the culprit- she’ll swear black and blue she did it! And im like ‘I WAS 38 WEEKS PREGNANT WHEN I DID THIS, DO YOU THINK I WOULDNT REMEMBER??’
    But seriously, thanks.
    Huge follower, and i admire your laid back approach as well.

    Adrianna x

  11. Loc Uyen says:

    I’m with Abigail on this – I’m new to the world of floral design and have admiration for many great designers out there. I always think they’re so generous for sharing their work because newbies like myself can learn and be inspired. It’s great that you write so passionately about this subject, but I suspect the ppl who actually would steal other designers’ work are not really the ones to read you blog 🙂
    Thanks for all the great articles!

    Loc Uyen

  12. Imagine my surprise to see one of my colleague’s “original” designs is actually an Ovando!

  13. Thank you for this post! I never put anything but my own work on my website. But just earlier today I shared a collage on Facebook that I had sent as an inspiration board to a client. I was just so excited about the way it was coming together that I wanted to share. It didn’t even occur to me that someone might think I was trying to pass that off as my own work but after reading your post I went back and added a comment to my fb post just to make sure! Unfortunately I found the pictures on Pinterest and there was no credit given there either but at least I could clarify that it wasn’t my work. Thank you for the reminder- I promise I’m a nice person and a good florist and would never intentionally try to pass off another florists work as my own!

  14. naturegirl says:

    I love freelancing just for the learning new styles and techniques others have. But OMG you are so right about trying to capture it and not have my own style slip in there no matter how hard I try not to.

    Bottom line, it’s a designers spirit in there just as much as all their knowledge and talents. One can stand side by side and do it at the same time and it will still look different because of that special touch.

    In the age of internet, and especially Pinterest, the stealing will always be a problem. Even for the most cautious who do all they can to protect it. It’s the downside of sharing and promotion. I think that the punishment will happen the minute they have to back up those false claims. Unfortunately the one who suffers is that client who gets burned.

  15. Nice work Alicia.

    A quick way to find out if someone has stolen you images…or a friends:

    1. Open two browsers(Firefox, Chrome, etc…) side by side.
    2. In one browser, go to this link:
    3. Find the image you want to check in the other browser.
    4. Once youfound the image, drag and drop it into the search bar in the other browser that is showing and click search.
    5. Sometimes, on this page you need to click ‘Search by Image’ and you will then see every page your image is on.

    Anytime you need nerd/tech/geek online floral help, let me know.

    Enjoy and have a flowerful day! 😉