NYC with Matthew Robbins and Florabundance Pt. 2

At the opening event of the Chapel Designers Conference we had the pleasure of meeting Joost Bongaerts the President/Owner of Florabundance. Florabundance is one of the premier sources for wholesale fresh cut flowers and greens in North America, Florabundance supplies floral designers with the necessary value and versatility they need*. For those of you who are not familiar with Florabundance I highly suggest you check out check out their website. Joost provided all of the flowers for our opening night event. Everywhere there was space in Matthew Robbins Design’s studio there was a sample of the Florabundance’s beautiful blooms. There were stunning sweet peas, amazing clematis, picture perfect garden roses, swan lake myrtle, my favorite hellebores, juniper, anemones, and the most fragrant jasmine vine! As you can imagine a room full of floral designers are not an easy crowd to impress but Joost’s product had us all oohing, awing, gasping and wanting more. Here are some of the much desired flora we had the pleasure of seeing Matthew Robbins design with during our event!

*From Florabundance’s Website

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  1. I truly enjoyed our first evening in NYC. We got to meet the new designers, visit Matthew Robbins studio (and what a place it was) along with meeting Joost. So happy I got to meet the person I do business with. To me that is VERY important.