NEOFLora 20/20 coming to Vancouver, Canada

Have you heard about Hitomi Gilliam’s Pop-Up shop coming to Vancouver October 25-31?

“NEOflora is an experimental Floral Event, a PoP Up Store and Social Space.
Here, in downtown Vancouver, Floral Artists are co-operatively designing a place where the public can experience Floral Art. The store will showcase original design. During the day you will find an open workroom where we will be creating designs that can be purchased in the shop and for evening runway shows. By night the shop will be transformed into an event space with runway shows, live video footage, spirits and tidbit dining. ”

For more information check out the website and facebook page:
Facebook page:

NEO FLORA 20/20 POP UP! from Yukari Mitsui on Vimeo.

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  1. This is a great initiative and I wish Hitomi and NEOflora the best of luck!