Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

If you are planning a trip to visit the Mendocino Coast in Northern California I would highly suggest visiting Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens located between Ft. Bragg and the quaint town of Mendocino.
I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I grew up in Mendocino County and had never visited this Botanic Garden until a few weeks ago! My mother and I enjoyed a few peaceful hours exploring the grounds of this 47 Acre Botanic Garden, trails through various gardens and with the Prize attraction towards the back of the land – the annual Dahlia Festival! Dahlias… the Dahlias – so many Dahlias. Not surprisingly, it was the Dahlias that inspired me to visit the Botanic Gardens, a few people had told me that I *must* go see them in all their blooming glory. I hadn’t been prepared for just how glorious the entire Botanic Gardens would be and to top it off they offer a retail nursery full of unique plants. I came home with a Purple Bell Vine (see picture below).
I had a hard time narrowing down the photos to include in this post as I had taken so many! Enjoy 🙂

pink foxglove

Purple bell vine

Purple Bell Vine


fuchsia with variegated leaves

Japanese Anemones

burgundy dahlias

coral dahlias

burgundy with white tipped dahlias

bench in a dahlia garden

dahlia garden

red and white striped dahlia

dahlia garden

Mendocino Coast

The Gardens are right on the Coastline just south of Ft. Bragg, California.

garden gate

garden shed

heather garden

They have the coolest Heather Garden, rolling heather in various colors.

heather garden

heather garden

heather garden

red begonia

pink begonia

flower garden

flower garden

flower garden

chocolate queen anne's lace

orange fire poker flower

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