Introducing the artist Loreen of Reenie Rose

A few of my Chicago flower friends, Cori, Alex & Trish, have all been telling me about Reenie Rose for awhile now and I think it’s time we all get to know the artist, Loreen, a little bit better!
She offers a very unique product which I think will appeal to many of us. When we think of bouquet preservation after a wedding the first thing that comes to mind is preserved/dried flowers placed in a glass case – often seen placed on a shelf collecting dust in the home, right?
Well, Loreen has a completely different approach – she turns the memories into beautiful art work in an original, custom designed oil painting! Check out this video of her process:

Reenie Rose from Reenie Rose on Vimeo.

What lead you to create paintings of bridal bouquets?

I was managing an art gallery in Chicago when a family friend, who was a fan of my artwork, approached me about painting “something” for her niece as a wedding gift. After brainstorming a bit, we decided that I would paint the bride’s bouquet since I had always gravitated towards painting natural objects. Upon completion of the painting, we both stood back from it and realized that this painting was more than just a painting….it was an “idea”, and not one that was already discovered. This “idea” grew to be Reenie Rose, a company offering couples an alternative to traditional bridal bouquet preservation.

How long have you been offering this service?

The “idea” that started Reenie Rose was conceived in October 2008. Reenie Rose jumped into the wedding industry with both feet in 2009. The need to preserve the bridal bouquet in a way other than drying it to become a dust collector or sending it off to be put under a glass dome was brought to my attention by many florists and planners who were happy to have this modern alternative to suggest to their wedding clients. I have recently seen my client base embrace my paintings as a group gift option as well. I love this idea of bringing more people on board for a Reenie Rose painting….lots of love in one gift!

Do you have a favorite flower to paint?

I tend to refer to my paintings as “a big kid’s coloring book” and paint them in this manner. What I really love to paint….color. An all white bouquet can be quite stunning, but to paint lots of bright color is heaven! The painting I am currently working on is full of bright colored roses…a perfect combination of color and simplicity!

How long does it typically take for the bride to receive her painting?

After the wedding (and probably the honeymoon) the couple (or gift giver) will be sent a variety of compositions from which to choose their painting. Depending on the size and complexity of the composition the painting will take between 35 to 65 hours and about 3 to 8 weeks. There is a lot of time and care that goes in to each masterpiece. To see this fully illustrated, I highly recommend viewing my new video. If this doesn’t make you want your own painting, I don’t know what will!

Can you tell us where the name Reenie Rose came from?

(answered by Loreen’s mom) Loreen’s name is Loreen Rose Hospodar and as a child (and even now) we called her Reenie so it was the natural choice for the name of her company to be Reenie Rose!

To inquire about pricing and event date availability,
please contact:

Loreen Hospodar

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  1. Thank you, Alicia for a beautiful post on Reenie Rose…’ve made her “Marketing Mom” very happy!!

  2. Alicia, thank you so much for such a wonderful post! I really appreciate all of your support.

  3. such a lovely story on such a lovely artist 🙂 so happy to see the word getting out far and wide!!

  4. p.s. this video is AMAZEBALLS! I love it-gave me goosebumps! Well done!!!