Introducing BBrooks Fine Flowers New Program

bbrooks fine flowers

B|Brooks Fine Flowers® is proud to announce the launch of the Affiliate Florist Program. This program, driven by customer and florist request and aimed at fine event florists, is part of B|Brooks’® commitment to delivering fine floral arrangements.

The Affiliate program will enable event florists (that do not make daily deliveries) the ability to refer their clients to a trusted network that shares their commitment to fine floristry and exemplary customer service. By posting an affiliate link via the florists’ website to the B|Brooks® order page, florists can generate commissions of 8- 12% on product sales. The cost of participation in this program for introductory members is completely free.

“With the advent of social media sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr and the propagation of ‘inspiration’ sources such as The Knot and Little Black Book – Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about floristry and, in-turn, raising their expectations while simultaneously relying LESS on their local florists,” CEO Barbera Brooks explains, “With most traditional wire services and ‘drop ship’ programs, clients are often disappointed with the results. We all know that the floral industry is changing and, in many aspects, not how we want it to be… This program is a way to counteract the negative by supplying an alternative way: A way to make better arrangements™.”

Inquiries and requests for additional information should be directed to:
888.346.3356 ext 4.

I have been a proud member of B|Brooks Fine Flowers® since June 2003. I truly believe in this company and their dedication to boutique floral designers, supreme seasonal flowers and exquisite floral artistry. If you have ever thought that a service like this might appeal to your clients, I would highly recommend speaking with B|Brooks Fine Flowers®. ~Alicia

white flower arrangement

An exquisite mix of cream garden roses, beige roses and fresh cut phalenopsis blooms by member florist Ava Flora (NY)

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