International Floriculture Trade Fair

The International Floriculture Trade Fair took place in Holland from October 31 to November 2, 2012. The industry wide event serving all segments of the floriculture chain; from breeders, propagators, growers to the fresh flower trade. Now some of you may recognize this from the World Floral Expo that I blogged about last April, these shows are indeed related. Read the NYC post here.

I love these shows, so many gorgeous and often never seen before flowers to view. Now, I do want to give a disclaimer before you start viewing these photographs – I do not want to get the hopes up of North American floral designers, it will be awhile before we see some of these varieties arrive at our wholesalers. I viewed a lot of flowers that are being developed with amazing Dutch & French breeders, these will then be sent off to farms in places like Kenya, Ethiopia, Ecuador and Columbia. Therefor, it’ll be awhile before growing, cutting & shipping will take place to our continent.
That being said, I still want to share the pretty that I got to see with all of you – cross our fingers that we get it sooner rather than later!

white amaryllis flower arrangements.

The entry way into IFTF, love all the beautiful white amaryllis flower arrangements.

Green Eye White Rose

How do you like this green eye white rose by Oleg Breeding? I’m quite the fan of it, I think it’ll look great in a green and white garden style arrangement.

Watermelon vine

Diplocyclos is a genus of climbing or trailing vine in the family Cucurbitaceae. This is one of those materials that we may not see often in the states. I’ve seen it on occasion at SF flower market, but that’s it so far..

Protea and orchids

Quite the variety of proteas, grasses and orchids available.

red and yellow begonia plants

Straathof Plants had a great display, bright and eye-catching. Loved the begonias!

phalaenopsis orchids

Gorgeous, such long phalaenopsis orchids.

brown lisianthus

How do you like these lisianthus by J. van Egmond & Zn? I have never seen this color before, I think it would be great for a fall colored arrangement.

Orange Asiatic Lily

Nice looking Orange Asiatic Lily. There was a big lily presence at the trade show.

Amaryllis Flowers

The Dutch use a lot of Amaryllis in their flower designs. Very striking flowers, think I need to start using them more. Maybe we should have an Amaryllis design contest?!

European floral design

I wish this photo was a touch clearer, sorry. The various textures are so interesting.

roses and birch arrangement

I like the mixture of the branches with the delicate rose colors, nicely arranged.

yellow spray roses

Secret Sensation by Oleg Breeding, very different spray rose shape.

white garden spray roses

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous garden spray roses!!! Hoping these arrive in our market soon!

Flower Show

Me with the show organizer, Dick Van Raamsdonk

Diplocyclos watermelon vine

Diplocyclos grown by Azienda Speciale Riviera dei Fiori. I was told these are very long lived in flower arrangements. In the fall they turn the orange color you see in this photo.

pink garden rose centerpiece

Showcasing the pretty pink garden roses in an arrangement with green and pink hydrangea.

two layer flower arrangement

Intricate double layer flower arrangement, looks fun to design.

hydrangeas and spray roses

fun little flower design using hydrangea and spray roses

red roses, hydrangea, amaranthus and gloriosa lilies

This design was about 10′ tall, it was so pretty. The hydrangea is the perfect Dutch hydrangea that I dream of, thick green hanging amaranthus, bright red roses and fun gloriosa lilies.

Well, what do you think?? I think that’s enough pretty for one day – I’ll be back tomorrow with even more pretty flowers to share!

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  1. Your head must be in a whilwind just trying to process all the pretty! I love how the ribbons in the entry photo perfectly match the greens in the arrangements, such an eyecatching display. Thank for sharing!

  2. I know you are in heaven! SO much to take in and dream about for future arrangements!