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We have quite the visual treat for you today. As luck would have it one of my favorite photographers, Jen Huang, happened to be at The Little Flower School class I took this past May at Garden Valley Ranch.
I am absolutely in aww of these lovely photographs she took…

Jen, what inspired you to become a photographer?
I’ve been a “photographer” since the fourth grade and studied black and white film photography all the way through college. I’ve always and forever been passionate about photography, but it wasn’t until after a brief career with DeBeers that I truly found my calling in wedding editorial and portraiture.

How would you describe your style?
My style would be considered luminous, soft and classic. It’s a curated photojournalistic style focused on craft and artistry.

Do you have a favorite flower to photograph?
I absolutely love photographing flowers, it’s kind of been a hidden hobby of mine, and I have to say the wild rose is one of my favorite flowers – especially when you can find one beautiful bloom, amidst vines and buds – it’s truly beautiful!

Any tips for florists taking photos of their designs?
I would highly recommend florists and gardeners to find their old film cameras and try shooting some flowers on color and black and white film, there’s just a beautiful soulful look to film that would make their photos unique and special. Avoid harsh light, and don’t over shoot, just one good overall shot will show off an arrangement really well.

The following floral designs are by Nicolette Owen & Sarah Ryhanen for The Little Flower School:

About Jen:
Jen Huang approaches weddings with a romantic, fine art sensibility. Known for her fresh, luminous portraits, Jen crafts beautiful, editorial images for intimate soirees and splendid outdoor weddings. Her passion for photography is heightened by her continued dedication to medium format film, and her work has appeared in bridal editorial all over the country.

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Jen, Thank you for sharing these lovely photographs with our readers!

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  1. Gorgeous post Alicia. Thanks for sharing your CA class experience. Those flowers look just lovely. And Jen – gorgeous photos!!!! I can only imagine how wonderful those roses must have smelled.

    • Thank you for the note, Amanda! I did truly love the class, as I think you had an equally wonderful experience in NYC with The Little Flower Shop girls ~ they are so amazing!! Jen’s photos are just so lovely, I can’t stop looking at them. 🙂