I love dahlias!

I love dahlias, really they might be my favorite flower. They come in so many colors, shapes and sizes. A little background on this fascinating flower:
The dahlia originated in Mexico and central America and made the journey to Madrid, Spain towards the end of the eighteenth century. It was named in honor of the Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl. There are now over 50,000 varieties of dahlias that can range in size from 2″ to over 10″ in diameter! They come in every color except blue and black, although I have seen a very, very dark chocolate brown dahlia that could almost pass for black.
My personal favorite is the Cafe Au Lait Dahila:

More dahlias:

a pomander I created using dahlias

A four tiered cake decorated with an assortment of dahlias

Which Dahlia is your favorite?

Want more information about dahlias? Check out:
The American Dahlia Society
National Dahlia Society
Aztec Dahlias

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  1. Definitely the Cafe Au Lait or the deepest darkest red are my favorites!