How did you do that?

Today’s How did you do that? comes to us from Amy Keating of The Flower House, Denver, Colorado.

The tent décor for Cori and Adán’s wedding in Keystone was a challenge I was eager to take on. Emily, from Bella Design and Planning in Breckenridge called and asked if I could design some floral chandeliers for the reception tent that incorporated both floral and lighting. I mulled it over for quite some time and then it came to me- one morning at 2:00am- just like the best ideas do. I remembered seeing some gorgeous iron chandeliers while setting a wedding at the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek. The permanent restaurant lighting consisted of suspended iron platforms with pillar candle-like lights placed on top. I thought to myself “those would be even better covered in flowers”. The end design reflected Cori’s vision for a bold modern feel.

First, we constructed a 4×4 framed wood platform. We then cut away the center to create the open chandelier look. Next, I glued 2” thick Styrofoam panels to the bottom of the platform. I then drilled holes and wired the foam to the platform for stability. The gang at the Flower House then hot glued carnations end to end along the surface. It took 750 carnations for the center chandelier and 350 each for the 4 corner pieces.

The AMAZING team at Pink Monkey Solutions suspended each piece and we added the electric pillars to the top side. All in all- the electric pillars weighed more than the actual flower structures.

I must say- I am a HUGE fan of the carnation when used in a dynamic way. They are light weight, long lasting, and affordable. The pieces actually looked the same 3 days later. Got to LOVE a carnation! You know they ARE on a comeback…right?!!! Carnations are COOL!

Thank you Amy for sharing this with us!
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  1. I love this post! I am really new to this industry and would love to see ‘How Did You Do That?’ become a full series of posts. It’s really hard to find examples of the mechanics used for large scale designs. I would like to see a step-by-step of designing for a chuppa etc. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. thanks for sharing Alicia and Amy – it’s so special to have floral folks not scared to share their mechanics rather than keeping it all to themselves…

  3. This is great information. Thank you SO much for sharing this. I’ve struggled with pieces like this and never really knew how to pull it off. I can’t wait to try this again.

  4. Very cool behind the scenes look at the labor of love! Beautiful work!