Happy Valentine’s Week!

Well, it’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Week! Wishing all of you who do offer Valentine’s arrangements good luck and a very profitable holiday! As for me, I’ll be helping out my friends at Fiori in Seattle – I have a feeling I’m about to be knee deep in pink & red roses!

Today I gathered some Valentine’s inspirational images —

Awesome online reminder ads –

Sachi Rose Floral Design - Valentine's Flowers

Love the subtle hint of this ad by Sachi Rose Floral Design!

Belle Fleur NYC, Red Roses for Valentine's Day

Love the simplicity of this ad – an eye-catching red rose arrangement with a sweet xoxo by Belle Fleur in NYC. Plus, they have a hashtag #FleurtWithBelleFleur – how cute is that?!

Jerry Rose Valentine's Flowers

This ad says – pay attention and order flowers! Definitely an eye catcher in the Facebook New Feed.

Pretty arrangements that I’d love to receive! –

Roses Squared by Empty Vase in LA - Valentine's Flowers

Roses Squared by Empty Vase in LA — unique and eye-catching!!

Hidden Garden LA - Valentine's Arrangement

I’d love to receive this pretty arrangement from Hidden Garden in LA!

Great tip for florists! –

Floral Design Institute - florist advice

Great advice from Leanne at Floral Design Institute! I’ll be trying this trick myself this week!

Memorable Deliveries are Smart! –

Fun & memorable floral deliveries by Cupid in by Stems in Evergreen, Colorado!

Fun & memorable floral deliveries by Cupid in by Stems in Evergreen, Colorado!

Of course, I must have a heart floral design! –

BLOMST Stein Hansen, red rose heart for Valentine's Day

Nothing says Valentine’s like a heart made out of red roses! Very intricate design by BLOMST.

As for me, I’ll pass on the roses for the holiday. Instead my hubby planted 500 peach & white daffodil bulbs in the front yard and those are popping open this week!
Happy Valentine’s Day/Week friends, hang in there!

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