How To Handle Customer Complaints and Difficult Customers by Alison Ellis

As business owners we are multifaceted. We design, we deliver, we write proposals, we do accounting, we answer phones and we wash buckets. We wear many hats, but perhaps the most difficult aspect of our job is dealing with customer complaints.

Sounds pretty obvious, huh? People complain and we don’t like it. No brainer. But how we handle these difficult situations is what defines us in many cases.

Sometimes we are handling complaints when we’ve done nothing wrong. Sometimes this complaint is in writing for everyone to see. Sometimes we really do mess up.

So today I’ve got some tips for you and your staff on handling complaints. It’s a “threefer”…3 tips, 3 quotes and 3 more tips. I know that sounds like 6 tips, but just go with me on this one.

I hope you find it helpful or at the very least reassuring that you are not alone when it comes to the heavy weight of a complaint. If you like this video please “like” it, subscribe and leave a comment!
xo, Alison

Alison Ellis
Floral Artistry

Thank you, Alison, for another insightful video – your business advice is invaluable!

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  1. That was a fantastic layout of how to handle the customer and yourself;)! Thank you so very much for sharing! Aloha, Angela

  2. Such great advice-thanks for sharing.