Goodbye California, Hello Washington!

Well, flower friends, I have some big news – we are moving to Washington State.
My husband has accepted a job position in Washington State that he is extremely excited about, so after just 8 months in California it is time to move again!
This is a huge change and not one that I was expecting, however, I’m sure we’ve all experienced changes that we were not expecting – right?! I am sad to be leaving my family and friends in California and all the new friends that I’ve been making here. Luckily, I am quite familiar with Washington State, having spent a lot of time there over the years. My Uncle lives just outside Seattle and is offering us a place to land until we find our *home*. My favorite Aunt, his wife of 40 years, passed away in June ~ perhaps her Angel-self decided to re-route us to Washington?!

There are a lot of positives to Washington State — it is gorgeous, I mean really, really gorgeous. The weather is very temperate. I hear it rarely snows (I’m just not a fan of snow and all my friends in Colorado know it!). Flowers grow like crazy and I am already looking forward to the garden I will be able to grow. I’ll be within easy driving of Vancouver and Portland – lots and lots of flower things to explore up in the Pacific Northwest, right?!
That being said – if you do live in that area and know of anything I must see, please let me know! I’m always up for a flower adventure!!

roozengaarde tulip festival

Last April when I visited the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley, Washington I had no idea that 4 months later I’d be moving there! Thank goodness I’m moving to a flower filled place!!

There are a few flower friends here in California that I would like to say a *huge* thank-you to, new friends or friends that I’ve gotten to know better over the past 8 months.
Laurie from Fleurie – we’ve been on excellent flower adventures in the Bay Area, Santa Rosa and Santa Barbara. Great friend and I hope she visits me soon in Washington (hint, hint – Laurie!)
Polly and Brooke of Valley Flora. I met Polly through Twitter and met her in person back in January at a Wedding Showcase. I got to freelance with them a few times in Napa and *oh my gosh* their work is Stunning. I will be featuring them sometime soon on Flirty Fleurs!
Dena of Dandelion in Ukiah. I introduced myself when I first arrived, she invited me to coffee and then to the Pilates class she teaches ~ so fun! Plus, I got to freelance for her a bit.
Nancy Liu Chin, I need more time with this special lady!! We had *such* a great time visiting Louie Figone’s Farm and chatting when we’d run into each other at SF Flower Mart.
Nancy of Oak & The Owl, love this lady ~ such a sweetheart and thrilled I got to hang out with her at Photoshoots and for introducing me to Max Gill.
Yasmin from Floral Theory, I had barely arrived in CA and she invited me to join her at The Lab Event, where I got to meet Polly and to see an old friend, Marian of Savage Rose.
Alena, who I think I saw each time I went to SF Flower Mart, such a lovely person! I profiled her beautiful shop in Flirty Fleurs awhile back.

I feel like I only touched the tip of the iceberg that is the floral industry in California, still so many farms and flower shops to visit in California! Luckily, I’ll be back often and will continue to visit flower businesses here.
Plus, I still have a few weddings to design flowers for this fall in the Sonoma Wine Country.

I’m so thankful for the 8 months I got to be in California; time with my family, for the cool brides I’ve been working with and for the cool flower people I got to spend time with!

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  1. Wahhhh! Giving me a little cry to start the week. I’m happy that you’ll be with your sweetie, but a little sad that we won’t be in the same state. I knew we’d be friends from the moment I met you in Santa Barbara! I look forward to more excellent flower adventures in WA with you. Now I have two great reasons to travel there ASAP!

  2. Good luck in your move and keep us posted about it when you have time.

  3. Welcome to Washington! I’ve been following you for a little bit of time now and have grown to love your site. I am a horticulturist who is looking to make the switch from live plants to cut flowers. Your site has been quite helpful and an excellent source of inspiration.

    • Hi Lisa, Thank you! Hopefully I can help you with cut flower advice and you can help me with gardening advice! I cannot wait to get a cutting garden started here in Washington!!

  4. Welcome to Washington Alicia! Let me know if there is any way I can help you settle in- this is a great place to live 🙂

  5. Welcome to Washington! I am in the South Sound just across the bridge from Tacoma in Gig Harbor! I would love to connect when you get up here!

    • Hi Jen, Thank you for the welcome! I’m in Everett at the moment, while we house shop. Would love to meet up with you sometime!

  6. welcome to Washington its not CA but its pretty good. Lets get together when you get settled.

  7. Alicia,

    Welcome to Washington! So glad you will be here! It was great meeting you earlier this year. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you settle in.


  8. Welcome to the big Northwest lots of things to visit was just in Seattle over the weekend

    • Thank you, Kathleen! I’m sure I’ll be down your way a few times – love spending time in Oregon!!

  9. Welcome to Washington! You have to check out the Seattle Grower’s Market. Would love to connect with you when you’re here!

    • Thank you, Paula! It’s beautiful here in Washington and I’m excited to get to know the area better! I do have to return to California for a month in just a few days – have 3 weddings to design. I’ll be back in mid-October and would love to connect!