Canines with Crowns

Oh, do I have the cutest post to share with all of you today! A bunch of my fellow Chapel Designer friends got together and came up with the idea to dress our furry friends with flowers. So fun to see the variety of dogs everyone has, and to see them all dressed up with flowers!

Thistle and Bone, Dogs with flower halos

Zoe & Ripley – Thistle and Bone

Splendid Stems, Carly is wearing a wreath that includes delphinium, spray roses, passion vine, and snowdrops

Carly – Splendid Stems

Della Blooms, Hank the lab with a flower wreath

Hank – Della Blooms

 Dreamweavers, Bear wearing a flower halo

Bear – Dreamweavers

Fleurie Flowers, Oliver wearing a red and purple floral wreath

Oliver – Fleurie

Cottage Flowers, Daisy the dog wearing a Daisy flower collar

Daisy – Cottage Flowers

Julia's Floral, Corgis with flower collars

Edward & Stella, Julia’s Floral

Bella Fiori, Johann the Pekingese with flower wreath

Last, but not least! My little guy with his flower wreath.
Johann – Bella Fiori

ohhh… wait … we have one more and it’s NOT a dog!
Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you see a bird wearing a floral halo.
Say Hello to Louie of Moss Fine Floral!

Moss Fine Floral, a Dove wearing a floral halo.

Louie of Moss Fine Floral

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  1. Too much CUTE!

  2. love this post! what adorable little pups!! (and bird)

  3. The most adorable thing I’ve seen in ages!

  4. Oh my, this really made my day! Love love love the photos, each and every furry friend is gorgeous and I am so impressed by the flower creations they are wearing. Thank you for creating this post!

  5. So much cuteness! Thanks for the fun post.

  6. Such sweet pups! And I love the little bird! What a creative, fun bunch this is!

  7. MJ Daniels says:

    Beautiful job, everyone. That Hank the Wonder Dog is handsome dude. Happy dogs all around except Zoe and Ripley…not so much. Would love to have a Sam dog ( so cute) if I can’t have another honey-color golden retriever.

  8. Thank you for this post! Us flower-people love our pets! Had to look at it a few times, made me smile.

  9. How we love our fur babies! Thanks for putting this together…so adorable!