Flower Shops..

Singaporean flower shop Daughters by Floral Magic

Singaporean flower shop Daughters by Floral Magic

Holland Studio

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  1. I have serious studio envy. Thanks for the glimpse into some of my most favorite spaces.

  2. I absolutely loved looking at all these clean design studios! I am a florist and just started working full time at my flower shop. I wish i had a flower shop like the ones pictured! Maybe i will someday:) Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures! The orchids are beautiful and so full of blooms! they are some of my favorite plants, i just wish i could grow them better in my house! they are hard to grow because it is not humid enough for them here. The shops look so clean and organized. The vases and shelving were perfectly placed. This may be a dream of mine to have a flower shop as beautiful as these pictured.

  3. So awesome Alicia… you rock!