Flower Shops of Paris

I took this photo for Chuck, it's the arrangement at our hotel.

Monceau Fleurs

Flowers outside Monceau Fleurs

Garden center near Notre Dame

Garden center near Notre Dame, dreamy wisteria & clematis

Paris did wonders for my obsession with the clematis


Love me some bougainvillea, reminds me of college days in Santa Barbara

tiny daffodil blooms

Fleurs d'Auteuil



cute flower pot display

corner flower shop

posies of lilac

hand-tied bouquets ready to go at the corner shop

cool branch ball on display with red bamboo

flower stand at the vegetable & fruit market

ranunculus posies on the flower stand

more clematis!

Check back in a few hours … we are posting about one shop in particular!

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  1. I’m crying just looking at these pix ! and your next post. A few years ago, my French assistant gave me a list of all the florists in Paris that I ought to visit when I was there, and the list became my guidebook. It was wonderful and inspiring. Keep sending photos !