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If you are not aware of flower magazine, you are seriously missing out! The content and photos are truly amazing and every time I crack the cover my passion for flowers is renewed! Alicia and I will spend hours emailing back and forth about the content of each issue!


About flower magazine and it creator Margot Shaw

Margot Shaw was a late bloomer to the art of floral design. A self proclaimed “call and order flowers girl,” Shaw reached a turning point when her daughter got married. After working with the floral designer/event planner to create a beautiful wedding, she became enamored with the color, form, beauty and art that is a flower. She knew then that she had to learn more and soon began working for an esteemed floral designer in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama.

As Margot learned more about flowers and developed a love for how they enhanced every aspect of life, she noticed that there were no magazines on the stands for people who shared her passion. After talking with friends and colleagues, she found that there is a strong demand for a quarterly publication that will educate and inspire fresh flower enthusiasts while showcasing the many talented professional floral designers within this thriving, diverse industry. The idea of a magazine began to take root, and Shaw has been tending to flower ever since.

Margot’s intention for her magazine is simple: “My desire is to expose as many people as possible to the joys of flowering  I guess you could say I am trying to democratize flowers and floral design. It’s too much fun and shouldn’t be intimidating,” Margot explains. “I’m hoping that experienced floral designers will enjoy the magazine as much as budding designers like me.”

In March 2007, flower made its “first bloom” debut in the southeastern market. As the first lifestyle magazine published in the United States for flower enthusiasts, novice and professional floral designers everywhere, this new, seasonal publication features informative articles and beautiful photography to delight the senses. The publication’s mission is to “enrich your life through the knowledge and beauty of flowers” — whether it’s learning the mechanics of how to hand tie a simple bouquet, pick the perfect container or take a garden tour across the country. flower is flourishing steadily—with subscribers in every state and issues displayed on newsstands in 50 states and 17 countries.


Each issue contains the following “perennial” departments:

  • Design School: Step by step floral designs
  • Flower Shop: retail opportunities for all things floral
  • Outside In: Interior designers share their tips for “flowering” the home
  • Artist in Bloom: profiles of artists who capture the beauty of flowers in any medium
  • Flower Show: showcasing all sorts of exquisite arrangements
  • They Had a Ball: a spotlight on the floral decor and artistry at these elegant annual events
  • Not So Prim Rose: penned by Rose Bush, flower’s own irreverent columnist
  • Wedding Flowers, Favors & Food: unique details and creative touches from seasonal weddings


All Photos and about content are from flower magazine’s website Please check it out!


Please let us know what you think of flower magazine! We would love to share you thoughts with them!


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  1. Love! I’m planning to subscribe to their magazine now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this magazine!!!

  3. Funny coincidence, I just bought one a few weeks ago!