Flowers + Family = Fun

Hi Flower Friends!
My sweet niece has been visiting me for the past week, actually my family has been visiting and it has just been wonderful to all be together. One of the activities that my niece and I just love to do when together is to have photoshoots – she’s always game for my flower antics and loves to have her photo taken. So here’s a glimpse into the fun we had, playing outside in the garden as the sun went down each evening.

Maddie 2015

Maddie 2015 1

Maddie Arranging Flowers

Maddie arrangement 2015

Maddie Purple Flowers

Maddie with Dahlias

I hope you can feel the love and joy in these photographs. For many years all I did was work non-stop every day during the summer wedding season, but since leaving Colorado I’ve been working on this thing called ‘balance’. Slowly, but surely I think I’m finding it — letting myself just take off days from work and just have fun with family, play outside in the garden, enjoy a BBQ (my husband is so good at grilling!).
It’s all good, you know?
I hope you are finding time to enjoy summer, too. 🙂

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