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My personal favorite floral designing mechanic are these antique floral frogs –

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Many of the compote style floral arrangements that I share on Instagram and here on the blog are designed in these antique cage floral frogs. I search high & low for these, scouring every antique store I come across!
I have collected quite a variety of these frogs and am at the point where I can share my collection with other floral designers who would also enjoy designing with them!

This arrangement is designed in one of my antique flower frogs –
Bella Fiori

I have the following metal flower cage frogs available for purchase:

Beagle Company, Pasadena, California, Vogue holder no. 27, metal flower cage, flower frog Beagle Metal Flower Cage Frog
Round 4 1/2″ Wide and 2 1/4″ Tall
Manufactured in Pasadena, CA