If you were not a Florist what would you be?

Recently I sent out a twitter request & email to our mailing list, asking for input on five different questions. Thank you to everyone who sent in their replies!!

Here’s Question #2:
If you were not a florist what would you be?

A Cake designer/decorator. I love to bake and decorating seems right up my alley. Very fun and detailed work.
Lora Losinger of Sophisticated Floral Designs, Oregon

If I weren’t a florist I would be…A children’s book author. All of the hours I spent on the floor reading with my boys, acting out stories, using silly accents were magical. It would be so cool to be a part of providing that time for other families (plus there is no breakdown/strike at the end of the night).
Sue of White Magnolia Designs, Maryland

A designer and crafter of bamboo umbrellas and parasols.
Christine of My Creative Workbook/ Floral Lifestyle Design, Vancouver, Canada

I would still have followed a career in design. My husband and I have purchased a couple homes and while the process is crazy, I really enjoy tearing it down and building from the bottom again. I think something in my DNA loves seeing a concept come into fruition. Some people are born to see problems and solutions but my brain is built to see ideas that aren’t even there.
Marci of Entwined Design, California

Definitely something related to the design field. My background is in architecture and graphic design, and I’ve been able to draw on these areas for my floral design work, which tends to be sculptural and, well, graphic! I’ve always thought being a product designer would be pretty amazing ~ hopefully I would be able to incorporate my floral experience into that.
Ellen of Gingerleaf Floral, California

If I were not a florist, I would be a flower farmer, but I am sorta a flower farmer, though on a very small scale!
Laurie of Fleurie, California

I would be, and was before I had a family, a crisis counselor. I worked as a counselor for domestic violence and sexual assault victims
evenings after working at the floral shop. The skills learned and honed while doing so certainly prepped me for both management as well as dealing
with brides and their families or sympathy clients. It was challenging and rewarding, like floral design!
Kimberlee of Locker’s Floral, Wisconsin

Currently I am a nana to four wonderful little ones, we have a greenhouse where we raise city hanging baskets, we own Bennett Botanical Gardens where we host events and KRISanthemums…of course nana would be my first choice and the other three kind of mesh together.
Kris of KRISanthemums, Oregon

white orchid and rose bridal bouquet

Designed by Gingerleaf Floral, Oakland, California

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