The Floral Designer Marketing Workbook!


The Floral Designers Marketing Workbook is an e-book written by a florist for florists, available for immediate download.

marketing ideas for florists

I’m excited to share some of my insights on marketing with you! After fourteen years in the business, I’ve learned a quite a few do’s & don’ts regarding marketing. Here I will share some of my successes and lessons learned, I hope you will learn from them while working on the marketing for your own floral design business.

The workbook includes ten marketing ideas and each marketing  idea is broken into an exercise. These are marketing ideas that are focused on the floral industry, with a focus on floral designers looking to increase their wedding and event business. I give an overview of how the marketing idea has worked for me, followed by the workbook sections where you will be prompted to answer questions, sketch out ideas and brainstorm {marked by Action Item}.

This is your workbook to help further your floral design business! Have fun with it! 

When you purchase the workbook, you will receive a link to download an electronic zip file and will be able to start using the workbook TODAY!

ONLY $39!

Yesterday I purchased your new marketing handbook and wanted to thank you for your concise presentation and useful information which can be implemented easily and immediately! Fantastic work! Thank you! ~Michael

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