Florabundance Design Days 2015

Last week I shared a bit about Florabundance Design Days with a fun re-cap of photos of some of the people who attended the conference. Today I’m sharing more photos, another glimpse of the fun that was had and the arrangements that were created. Talk about fun in the sun!

alicia schwede, robyn rissman, kimberly schwede with flirty fleurs magazine

Alicia, Robyn and Kim – the crew behind Flirty Fleurs Magazine! This was during the cocktail hour meet & greet prior to Florabundance Design Days starting. My cousin, Kim, happened to be passing thru SB on her way north to San Fran – she stopped by and the three of us got to celebrate the release of the magazine!


Florabundance Design Days 2015 took place at Lotusland in Montecito. With every turn there were more amazing gardens to admire!

florabundance design days

The tent ‘o awesomeness! This is where a lot of the magic took place

David Austin "Juliet" Garden Roses grown by Alexandra Farms

David Austin “Juliet” Garden Roses grown by Alexandra Farms – hello most beautiful roses ever!

Lemons from Rose Story Farm

Lemons from Rose Story Farm

Hellebores via Florabundance


florabundance design days santa barbara

The most amazing floral product was on hand at the conference!!

Florbundance Roses

Roses! Lots and lots of roses!

flat of succulents


Oasis tools

Oasis provided this awesome set of tools to each participant at the conference!

flirty fleurs social media

My social media presentation took place in this awesome conference room at Lotusland!

white bridal bouquet

A well done spiral bouquet standing on its own! Holly Chapple did a design segment on bouquets and this is one of the bouquets from that segment.

white bridal bouquet

one of the lovely bouquets

Ribbons for bouquets

Ribbons for bouquets

Amy Merrick floral design at Florabundance Design Days

The design created by Amy Merrick

florabundance design days

lots & lots of floral tape!

Narcissus from Florabundance


florabundance design days 2015

creating a floral design inspired by Amy Merrick

florabundance design days

The flowers are laid out in preparation for designing in Campo de Fiori vessels.

florabundance design days montecito california

gorgeous floral designing in progress

florabundance design days

creating for the sake of creating in progress here!

florabundance design days

Sarah Winward flowers

Sarah Winward was a presenter at Florabundance Design Days and this is the arrangement she designed.

florabundance design days

florabundance design days

An arrangement inspired by Sarah Winward’s presentation

florabundance design days

One of the lovely designs created during the Sarah Winward demonstration.

florabundance design days

florabundance design days

designing during Sarah’s presentation

Margaret Joan Florals

Margaret Joan Florals

Florabundance Design Days

Flowers for Tricia Saroya’s presentation – bright, bright flowers!!

Tricia Saroya's floral design

Preparing for Tricia’s design segment

Tricia Saroya Flowers

Tricia knows color!

Tricia Saroya flowers santa barbara

The work of Tricia Saroya

tent at lotusland

The tent on a crisp, early morning

Francoise Weeks and Alicia Schwede

Kim from Flutter Magazine captured this moment – so beautiful, this crisp morning as Francoise Weeks and I walk towards the tent to prepare for Francoise’s presentation.

Amy Osaba

Amy Osaba demonstrating her bouquet technique.

Florabundance donates all the flowers to the Dream Foundation

In case you are wondering what happens to all the gorgeous flowers from Florabundance Design Days — since many of the participants are from out of state and cannot take their arrangements home with them, the flowers are donated to the Dream Foundation located in Santa Barbara. The volunteers from the Dream Foundation take all the gently used flowers and deliver them to people who could use a bit of flower cheery-ness in their days.

Let’s give a shout out to all of those who helped make Florabundance Design Days 2015 an absolutely awesome event!

Agrinag – Secret Garden & Campanella Roses, amongst others!
Alexandra Farms for amazing garden roses! Thank you Joey and gang!
Central California Flower Growers
Choice Farms
Classic Party Rentals, Santa Barbara
Design Master Paint
Eufloria Roses
Green Valley – Garden Roses
Holex Holland – for gorgeous Dutch Flowers
Myriad Roses
New Zealand Bloom
Newport Wholesale
Ocean View Flowers
Pyramid Flowers
Resendiz Brothers
Rincon Events Catering – delicious lunches!
Rose Story Farm
San Diego Wholesale
Syndicate Sales – for the beautiful compotes used in Sarah’s demonstration
Smithers Oasis – for the awesome tool sets given to each student
Sunburst Farms
Sun Valley

And mark your calendars for Florabundance Design Days 2016 — taking place January 10-13 in Santa Barbara, California!!!

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  1. From your photographs it looks like Florabundance was an amazing event with wonderful designers all gathered in one beautiful space. Thank you for giving us a glimpse inside.

  2. Is registration open for this event in 2016? How can I learn more about this event for next year? Thanks in advance!