Flora Fête

Flora Fête is visual poetry as an ode to spring’s beauty and wonder. It is a statement about awakening and rebirth – a realization that by consuming the positive we prosper in confidence! This full, feminine narrative is the debut collaboration of Laura Buck, Karen Weber, and Arina Bléiman.


Laura Buck: She had the original vision and pulled in the collaborators (including me!) She is a fashion make up artist. She, Arina, and I wanted to create a whimsical, inspiring, and feminine piece that deviated from the typical “sexually saturated” fashion material. We wanted to create a timeless work of beauty and optimism.
Arina Bléiman: She was our Director of Photography/Cinematographer. She is strong and motivated and pulled together a great crew of friends to tackle lighting & camera.
Karen Weber (me): I work in Art Direction in NYC – currently in food & wine. I adore flowers and they are frequently in my work. Laura found me via Instagram; we hit it off and agreed to collaborate. I collected all the props and flowers and directed their incorporation into the story on set.
Jana Knauerová: Our model, she is a friend and a wonderful person. She is Czech and you can see her on the cover of a few Czech Elle magazines.
Kate Carnegie: She was our stylist and hunted down a vintage Dolce & Gabbana dress and Yves Saint Laurent shoes for Jana.
Sammi Bateman: She was the design assistant, focusing mostly on florals. She is such a powerhouse! We are mates from college. She works in display at an Anthropologie. And previously was a floral stylist at Sullivan Owen in Philly. She did the flowers for my wedding. The day was so demanding as a director and I knew I could cast my general vision and she would blow me away with her compositions (ex: the salad and soup dishes). We worked side by side on the table centerpiece, and she worked with the hairstylist Mara on the headdress.
The original score as created by Eric Mendelsohn of electric-pop band Ghost Beach and Justin Weber (my husband), a yoyo/circus performance artist
The decorative backdrop you see in the film is a permanent mural by artist Dana Tanamachi at Trinity Grace Church.
The 2 sets of hands that appear in the film alongside Jana are dancers that my ballet instructor Dianna Warren connected me to.


MODEL: Jana KnauerováDIRECTORS: Laura BuckKaren Weber DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Arina BléimanSTYLIST: Kate CarnegiePRODUCTION DESIGN: Karen Weber, MAKEUP: Laura BuckHAIR: Mara SchiavettiMANICURE: Eri NaritaPOST PRODUCTION: Alex Noble, COLORIST: Arina BléimanSCORE: Eric MendelsohnJustin WeberSOUND MIX: Dave Weingarten, VIOLINIST: Laura Hutton, AC: Tsubasa MatsumotoGAFFER: Pablo Burn, GRIP: Laura Hilliard, DESIGN ASSISTANT: Sammi BatemanTABLE GUESTS: Lea Clay, Mariah Halkett, SPECIAL THANKS: Trinity Grace TribecaDianna Warren

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