Fleur Friday, Valentine’s Day Eye Candy

We hope you all had a wonderful and profitable holiday. It was fun to have this week dedicated to Valentine’s Day Eye Candy, hope you have enjoyed it as well! Our Fleur Friday image is from the Parisian floral master designer, Christan Tortu!

Cristian Torttu

Cristian Torttu

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hi! Quick note from Alicia .. I’m hijacking Chuck’s post today to fill you all in on a few things coming up next week on Flirty Fleurs..

  • Monday we are announcing a Design Contest – be sure to check in on Monday and enter a Design!!
  • We have a new series starting next week – all about Prom profits & marketing! Written by Prom Expert, Sarah Botchick of Pioneer Imports & Wholesale
  • We also have a new series starting which will focus on the American Flower Farmer! Insight into a Small Grower’s World written by Andrea Gagnon of LynnVale Farms will introduce our new series.
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