Fleur Friday & Hello!

Hello dear flower friends,

I feel like I need to write a note to say Hi to all of you and give a bit of an apology. I know it’s been kinda quiet over here on the blog lately, to be honest I’m having a hard time sitting still at my computer lately. Blame it on the beautiful weather and scenery here in Washington state, I just find I want to be outside. The garden beckons… there is always one more thing to do outside, one more flower bed to work on. Add on all the nurseries, farms, and hanging out at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market and it seems I’m usually out & about visiting someone or some place. Plus, it’s light here from 5am to 9:30pm, so much light to be outside doing something fun. Yet, I feel bad because I haven’t been sharing as much here on the blog. I do have so much to share, the trip in April to Holland with Florabundance – hope you all followed along on Instagram as we saw so many beautiful flower sites. Photos from the various design classes I’ve taught the past few months – gosh, we’ve been creating pretty stuff!
Oh gosh, I’m sitting here and the list is building in my head of all the stories I need to share…
I think I need a blizzard to hit, where I get snowed in for 2-3 days and have nothing else to do but work online (this did used to happen when I lived in Colorado!!)

I promise to try a bit harder over here and bring you all flower inspiration.
Hey, if any of you have something to submit, please do so! I love to share real weddings! Also, How-Tos & other fun tips. I enjoy hearing from other floral designers who can share inspiration!! Just email me at info@flirtyfleurs.com

Oh, and today? Yea, another good one lined up – Georgianna Lane is picking me up so we can go visit Dawn at All My Thyme Rose Garden in Skagit Valley. Then an afternoon meeting with Miles at Fiori Floral Design. Plus, work on the flowers for a photoshoot this Sunday taking place at a gorgeous venue in Snohomish — the venue used to be a Rhododendron Farm and it offers 10 acres of landscaped gardens! pretty pretty 🙂

Here’s one of my recent designs —

Designed by Alicia Schwede of Bella Fiori & Flirty Fleurs.

I hope you are all doing well and having a good wedding season.

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