Fleur Friday

Hello Flower Friends,

Have you all noticed that for the past two months the Wedding Wednesdays have been curated and posted by a Michelle? Well, I hope you have noticed as I for one have been enjoying the change and new scenery on flirty fleurs blog.
I decided a few months ago that I wanted to bring in more perspective to the blog .. and to be honest I’ve been getting bored with daily postings. (did I just say that outloud?!) Especially during the summer months when all I wanted to do was be outside! Really .. the weather here in Washington state is just too damn fantastic in the summer! So a few months ago I decided that it was time to make some changes around here, changes are always hard though, aren’t they?? I gave a lot of thought to who would want to be part of the blog, who shares my love of wedding floral design and who do I trust to turn over the keys to the backside of the blog. Well, I didn’t look far, I reached out to a previous employee of Bella Fiori. Yes, Michelle was my right hand, main assistant, and mind reader at Bella Fiori for 5 wedding seasons. I’m really happy to be working with Michelle again – even if we are separated by many states!
Here’s a picture of Michelle and I with Sarah and Lauren at the Bella Fiori 5 year anniversary party (2008!):

bella fiori denver 2008 - alicia schwede

Sarah – Lauren – Michelle – Alicia
Team Bella Fiori
5 year anniversary party – 2008

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