Fleur Friday

Hello Flower Friends!

Came across some articles this week to share with all of you –

I’m sure many of you have already seen this one – 3 Dying Professions To Avoid. How depressing is this article?! What can we do to change this? Can we change it?

This post is geared towards photographers but I like the message and think you will, too –
An Open Letter to Wedding Photographers


And a little something something to add a splash of color to the post –

Bella Fiori, yellow floral arrangement of poppies and roses in a compote urn

Bella Fiori

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  1. Thank you so much for including our article on independent contractors!

  2. The article on dying jobs; sad but true. The general consumer does not want to pay a floral designer for there design. The increased amount of markets that carry there floral sections; Trader Joe with there low low prices. How can a floral designer compete with that. Pinterest does not help much either, I have all sorts of customers that show me floral pictures and when I tell them what it would cost they look at me like I shot there dog. I will continue my business to the best of my ability or until I cannot afford to keep my doors open.

  3. It’s such a sad thought that florists are a dying profession, but there’s hope for us! I really do believe it. First, we have to stop thinking about competing with the grocery stores and focus on what we do that is distinctly different from the grocery stores.

    As a home-based designer the grocery store is less of a threat to me personally, HOWEVER, if I had a shop I would accentuate the customer service, education and quality aspect of my biz…I would be fierce about delivering and follow-through with customers. It will require more work than it used to, BUT the clients who appreciate the artistry and quality will stick with you. You have to cater to the customers who already appreciate you!

    Trader Joe’s will never deliver flowers to a new mother in the hospital or create a memorable casket spray and deliver it to the funeral home within 3 hours of receiving the order. The grocery store will never hand-pick stems for you from their cooler and place individual water tubes on freshly re-cut stems and include a free gift card with a clear explanation of how to maximize the vase-life of the blooms.

    Florists do more than sell flowers. We contribute to some of the most important life’s moments.

    But it is important for florists to step up their game and invite their communities into their storefronts to see first-hand how uplifting and essential the flower shop can be. Also, show off the SKILLS that are required to fully appreciate the complexity of your design work.

    Great share, Alicia!