Fleur Friday

Does the thought of your floral cooler freezing overnight scare you to pieces? I know it is something I’ve worried about! Here is a company that will monitor the temperature in your cooler and send an alarm to your mobile phone if there is a fluctuation in temperature: http://www.monnit.com

Articles pertaining for Floral Design –
How hipster florists borrowed from 16th century paintings and made flower arranging cool
The wild bunch on The Economist (You may have already seen this article as it came out last December. It’s a good read though!)

Fun piece by Fox Fodder Farm for the Today Show, I really like the glimpse of the studio space!

Sicily Stairs with Plants
How fantastic is this floral display? Each year the La Scala Flower Festival takes place in Caltagirone, a small town on the island of Sicily. The display changes each year and takes approximately 2,000 plants to create, see more fabulous designs here.

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  1. This is incredible.