Fleur Friday

Hello Flower Friends!

How is it Friday already?! Where does time go in the summer?? Oh that’s right .. weddings. lol.

So, I have two classes coming up in September in Seattle, and one class scheduled in Chicago. Click here to see the schedule.

The workshops scheduled for Chicago and Seattle features designing both a bouquet and compote styled centerpiece. We’ll start the morning with the bouquet session, where we’ll create the popular oblong style we see on Instagram. Here’s a bouquet I designed for a wedding last week, in the class we’ll do something similar to this one –

Bella Fiori in Washington. A bouquet of dahlias, garden roses, ranunculus and scabiosa flowers.

Then we’ll move on to the centerpiece session of the workshop where we’ll design a compote styled arrangement filled with dahlias and all the other fall goodies. Here’s the latest dahlia composition I designed –

Bella Fiori Dahlia Arrangement

It’s going to be Ah-Mazing — I hope you can join us at one of the workshops!! Click here to read more about the workshops.

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  1. These designs are gorgeous!!!

  2. I am loving that second centerpiece – so beautiful and full! Hope people learn how to make such gorgeous things in your classes.