Fleur Friday

Interesting Links I’ve come across this week while surfing the good ‘ole World Wide Web ..

Keyword Best Practices for Your SEO Strategy via WeddingWire

A list by Flowers Across Melbourne of Influential Floral Designers. They mention a few European designers that I have not heard of so it was interesting to visit their website/facebook pages.

Have you ever seen BloomTube? It’s a European portal with lots of videos. Joe Massie is the host of many of these videos and I just adore that guy so I really enjoy his videos!

Into the Wild With Sarah Ryhanen on T Magazine is a lovely article about Saipua.

Meanwhile, my cutting garden is doing well and the dahlias are blooming away. I made this arrangement on Wednesday. It is rather curious that all the leaves are turning red and gold already, a sign of an early fall or is it the drought?

Bella Fiori Dahlia Arrangement

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