Fleur Friday

Well, flower friends, this has been quite the week, let’s just say — Technology 1 & Alicia 0!
Technology definitely was in charge this week! As you may have noticed over the past few months there were a lot of times where the blog would go down, we had run out of room on the server and no matter what we tried it just wouldn’t work. So my programmer setup to move the blog to a new company with more server space. The move should have occurred in two days last weekend, instead it took 7 days! I just had to ‘let it go’, it was out of my hands and I had to walk away from the computer and not worry about it! Finally it looks like we are back to stable ground — YEA!!!!
I’ll be back to blogging next week and have two good treats for you to make up for this past week of no posts — hint: Alison & Roses. 🙂

Thankfully my garden was kinder to me this week than technology-

Koko Loko Rose, dahlia, peony poppy and a peony

Koko Loko Rose, dahlia, peony poppy and a peony

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here next week!

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