Fleur Friday

Good Morning!

By the time you read this Chad & I will be on a plane headed to San Francisco. We are going to my parents’ home to pick up all our belongings which have been stored away for the past 14 months. I think it’ll be like Christmas when we actually open up all those boxes (most of which are filled with floristry items).
It’s going to be a very quick trip; fly in, load up truck, start driving north.
My mom has been telling me that her Hellebores are blooming up a storm and she has tons of Hyacinths popping up, I can’t wait to see those!

You know what’s a really strange feeling? I will not be attending Chapel Designers in NYC this year. This is the 4th annual conference and I’ve been to the past 3! Just isn’t meant to be this year with the buying of the house and moving in.
I hope all of you who are going will have an absolutely amazing time, I know you will!!! I will be living vicariously while watching your pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook of all the events!

Another week without flowers .. so I’m sharing one of my oldie, but goodie bouquets

Bella Fiori, Yellow daffodil, ranunculus and acacia bridal bouquet.

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  1. Blair Roberts says:

    This is beautiful!!

  2. Holding this beautiful bouquet would be like holding springtime in your hands. So lovely.

  3. Safe travels to you and Chad. So happy that you will be settled in and with the florist supplies in hand. That must have felt odd not to have your tools of the trade with you. The bouquet is really the essence of spring, I can see why it is a favorite.

  4. I’s always bittersweet when changes happen! How many times have I done that? A million times I think, and I always think that every new step is a NEW adventure…Safe Journey! Happy Spring…I love this time of new beginnings in the garden! I’ve been out chopping, cleaning, planting and getting ready for the brand new cycle of spring!