Fleur Friday

yellow and green flowers

Designed by Fiori, Seattle.

Last week while I was in Seattle I stopped by Fiori to visit with shop owner, Miles. We were chatting about what elements can be added to a work space to make it more conducive to designing efficiently. That got me to thinking, how cool would it be to write a blog post where we show off these efficiency elements?!
Send me photos of modifications you’ve made to your work space, storage room, washing area, loading/unloading area, vase displays, etc. – info@flirtyfleurs.com
Please be sure to include your name, shop name and website in the email.
We can’t wait to see what you’ve created!

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  1. As someone who’s in the process of remodeling my workspace, I’m REALLY excited to see the results from this post =) Thank you for such a wonderfully helpful blog!