Fleur Friday

Good morning from Oregon!

The past two weeks have been an absolute  whirlwind and I’ve loved every minute of it! I feel absolutely blessed for the amazing experiences and the awesome floral designers that I have met.

Last week I traveled to Santa Barbara, California for Florabundance Inspirational Design Days. Chuck and I got to speak about social media and how to use it to promote your floral design business. We also got to spend time with Holly, Ian Prosser and Joost + see old friends and meet new ones. Next week we will blog about the conference and share lots of images with you. (here are a few images I captured via instagram)

Ian Prosser Holly Chapple and Joost Bongaerts

Having dinner with Ian Prosser, Holly Chapple and Joost Bongaerts the evening before the conference started.

pink and white bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet that I designed. I was able to use all the clematis that I so desired! Lots of pretty garden roses, too.

chuck and alicia of flirty fleurs

Chuck and I got in on the bouquet making portion of the conference, led by Holly Chapple.

This past week I’ve been in Portland, Oregon to take a 3 day workshop with Francoise Weeks. By pure luck, Janet of Floral Verde also attended the workshop. I’m really enjoying being in Oregon, it is so beautiful, green & lush here. I’ll be writing about my experience at Francoise’s workshop plus, other Oregon adventures soon on the blog.

wild green flower arrangement

One of the Woodland inspired arrangements that I made at the workshop.

purple and burgundy flower arrangement

I’m developing a major crush on begonia foliage. So many textures, colors and varieties are available!

bella bouquets bridal flower book

Francoise took Janet & I too the Portland Flower Market for a look .. and look what I saw at FSS. Yes, I really do geek out when I see Bella Bouquets on display!

There’s just a tid-bit of what I’ve been up to. The other good part is that I’ve had plenty of time to think and brainstorm while driving to Santa Barbara & Portland. Thinking about interesting articles to write on Flirty Fleurs and think about what I want to change with Bella Fiori…………

PS- did you notice I added a new pull-down “menu”, top left of page? I’ll be adding more options under this, hope to make navigating the blog even easier. Also, we have a new sponsor – B|Brooks Fine Flowers®, be sure to read more about their new program here.

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  1. I had an awesome time with you and Francoise in Portland! I can’t wait to see all the pictures and read your write up of the Woodland Arrangements Workshop!