Favorite Fall Flowers & Foliages

Recently I sent out a twitter request & email to our mailing list, asking for input on five different questions. Thank you to everyone who sent in their replies!!

Question 4:
Here comes the Autumn Season! What’s your favorite flower or foliage to design with? Please send in photos of your creations!

I love Agonis. Not a fall foliage, but its brown and works well in fall color palettes.
Lora of Sophisticated Floral Designs, Oregon

Raspberry leaf from our farm – so vibrant and last forever! In this design, paired with the cafe au lait dahlias, fennel and chocolate cosmos.
Clare Day Flowers, British Columbia

cafe au lait dahlia centerpiece

Designed by Clare Day Flowers

Since we are talking about Cafe Au Lait Dahlias … let’s look at a few more!

My ALL TIME favorite fall flower is Cafe’ Au Lait Dahlias. Here are a few my wonderful local grower, LynnVale Studios had available for me for this wedding. (My gift to the bride because she just needed them. Ha!)
Jane Guerin, flowers, Virginia

My favorite fall flower? CAFE AU LAIT DAHLIA– everyone is going to say that. But how can you resist? Here are a few bridal bouquets I have designed with the queen of all dahlias.
Shannon of Flourish Designs, California

peach and white bridal bouquet

Designed by Shannon of Flourish Designs

bridal bouquet with dahlias and blushing bride protea

Designed by Shannon of Flourish Designs

peach bridal bouquet with dahlias and roses

Designed by Shannon of Flourish Designs

Fall is the best time to design with wonderful rich colors. My favorites are the autumn leaves, fruit and berries. Clients are always surprised to see figs, rose hips, persimmon, crabapples…They add a great new dimension a design, and it is always fun to surprise clients!
Sue of White Magnolia Designs, Maryland

My favorite autumn elements to use are our berries! Locally grown bittersweet and beauty berry are two of my favorite varieties. Last year, I also began experimenting with dried corn husks in arrangements for a different texture. I also love using anything I can forage from the woods or side of the road such as pinecones and dried seed pods.
Carling of Local Color Flowers, Maryland

I really enjoy fall when the leaves start to turn and the days start getting cooler. I love working with all the traditional fall flowers such as sunflowers, but I like to add elements that might be unexpected. I like to include seed pods, cotton balls and other textures.
Dianna of Wild Iris, Oklahoma

yellow and green bridal bouquet

Designed by Wild Iris

Has to be the purple coneflower…especially with the tinge of orange on the centers
Kris of KRISanthemums, Oregon

Designed by KRISanthemums

Designed by KRISanthemums

I love the botanical elements that are available during the fall season. They lend a unique and local New England look to our designs. Here’s a boutonniere featuring acorns gathered from just outside our shop.
Kristin of Ideas In Bloom, New Hampshire

Bells-of-Ireland are available year-round, and their versatility make them great for arrangements anytime of the year. The spring green color is perfect for spring and summer designs, but since green is a neutral color, they can also be used with other materials that have more of a fall feel. Plus, they can be used tall or short!
Ellen of Gingerleaf Floral, California

Designed by Gingerleaf Floral

Designed by Gingerleaf Floral

Designed by Gingerleaf Floral

Designed by Gingerleaf Floral

I really love burgundy dahlia’s and these antique hydrangeas.
Lauren of Garden Gate Florals, North Carolina

I love working with Rosemary in the fall. The fragrance really adds a warm and inviting scent to bouquets and boutonnieres. I also love to work with orange ranunculus and orange “Babe” spray roses, and the “moon” series; deep purples and burgundy; carnations.
Lauren of Garden Gate Florals, North Carolina

I love picking up baskets full of autumn leaves and twigs to use in designs that dry well so that we can enjoy the beauty of autumn for as long as possible. All an autumn leaf or twig armature need is a fresh flower or a few pumpkins that can be replaced on an as needed basis.
Christine of My Creative Workbook/ Floral Lifestyle Design, British Columbia, Canada

european style fall flower centerpiece

Designed by Christine de Beer

European floral design

Designed by Christine de Beer

A modern twist on fall sunflowers.
Marci of Entwined Designs, California

yellow sunflower flower arrangement

Designed by Entwined Designs

My favorite fall filler item is celosia, amaranthus or Sorghum, or is it cotton? Can’t decide!
Laurie of Fleurie Flowers, California

fall flower arrangement

Designed by Laurie of Fleurie

fall flower arrangement

Designed by Laurie of Fleurie

Thank you, ladies, for your submissions – loved seeing what you’ll be working with this Fall Season!

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