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Your name: Lisa Anderson
Your Business name: Sweet Pea Flowers
Your Location: Denver, Colorado

How did you start your business?
By accident really – I worked at a local wholesaler for many years, and saw a little shop for rent and decided to try my luck at starting my own business.

Sweet Pea Flowers, Denver, Colorado - elevated floral centerpiece with white and peach flowers, seeded eucalyptus, white hydrangea, football mums, campanella peach roses, white stock, chamomile, peach roses

How many years have you been in business?
This will be my 13th year

What is your design aesthetic?
I love a lot of variety. I tend to be drawn to textural things. I love a little bit of whimsy, romance and attitude.

Sweet Pea Flowers, Denver, Colorado - Green, pink and touch of blue bouquets with proteas, pink roses, green amaranths, green hypericum berries, ferns

How do you create your style and where do you draw your inspiration?
I create my style based on what a particular client desires. I like to think that I’m pretty flexible with my overall style, but I do tend to add fun pieces in through greenery or a fun flower that catches my eye. I draw my inspiration from a lot of my local florist friends, as well as blogs, magazines and, of course, pinterest.

What are the trends, flowers & colors that are unique to your region?
Since we are located right in the heart of mountain country here in Colorado, our trends tend to stay within the rustic, country feel. We do tend to go more on the romantic side of those trends (by adding in lots of muted tones, as well as fun greenery and herbs). Colors vary every season, as well as the flowers that we use.

Sweet Pea Flowers, Denver, Colorado - Bridesmaid bouquet with white peonies, peach ranunculus, blue berries, seeded eucalyptus, lysimachia

Are you a retail shop, studio/warehouse or home based?
We are a studio – by appointment only

Do you offer any services in addition to floral designs?

What tool in your toolbox can’t you live without?
My clippers.

What’s your favorite flower?
All of them!!

Sweet Pea Flowers, Denver, Colorado - White ranunculus and blue cranberry viburnum boutonniere

Anything else you’d like to share with Flirty Fleurs followers?
Trust and communication are such big things when choosing your vendors. You have to make sure that you do, in fact, trust who you are working with. If you don’t, don’t use them.

Your contact information:
Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet Pea Flowers, Denver, Colorado - bridal bouquet with pink proteas, green hanging amaranthus, blushing bride protea, ferns, blue tweedia

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  1. What a great pic for fabulous florist! Your work is gorgeous!!!