Fabulous Florist :: Robbie Honey, London, England

Your Name: Robbie Honey
Your Location: London, England

How did you start your business?
Full of the blind confidence of youth I started out in the late nineties. In 2001 I opened my studio near New Covent Garden Flower Market.

How many years have you been in business?
11 years. In this period I have been lucky enough to work all over the world. Some of the highlights have been weddings in Iceland, Ireland and Italy. It seems that all the international work I do is in countries beginning with the letter I, Israel next perhaps!

What is your design aesthetic?
I am a style chameleon ( as one has to be to fulfil varied creative briefs ) However at heart I am a true minimalist and my flower style often tends to be monofloral and monochromatic which reflects this aesthetic.

What inspires you?
Art, fashion and nature. I went to see the tulips flowering in Holland earlier this year and it was so inspiring to stand in a field utterly saturated with colour!

What are the trends, flowers & colors that are unique to your region?
Old fashioned blooms arranged simply in a country style are quintessentially English. There is also a more eclectic movement utilizing collections of different containers with meadow style flowers artfully arranged to capture effortless country chic which I love and is also very British.

Curtain designed out of Gloriosa Lilies for the Hermes event.

Are you a retail shop, studio/warehouse or home based?
My office is at home and I work and teach in a studio in South London.

Do you offer any services in addition to floral designs?
I studied Interior design and recently have been doing some interiors consulting too, however flowers, teaching floristry and lecturing are my primary focus and my flower related work is my first love.

What does your toolbox look like?
A pretty basic workman’s toolbox, black and red plastic, it’s not very stylish at all.

What tool in your toolbox can’t you live without?
My rose strippers. I use a lot of roses and when you have thousands of roses to condition careful hand stripping ( my preference) is not an option. I prefer the new style of plastic dics strippers that don’t damage the stems to much rather than the old plastic and metal ones which although effective scarred the stems of the roses in an unsightly fashion.

Mary Katrantzou‏ show with carnation runway by Robbie Honey

What’s your favorite flower?
This is the question I get asked most on first meeting people and they find out that I am a florist. Of all the flowers I love most in the world it has to be the glorious hanging racemes of the Wisteria. It is so pretty and the scent of its flowers is utterly dreamy. I am mad for it and in spring I go on jaunts around London squares to see it blooming. This year I started #wisteriawatch on twitter and it started trending and I had people sharing Wisteria from all over the world. I would love to go to Japan and see the Wisteria gardens there. They look incredible.

garden urns filled with flowers designed by Robbie Honey

Anything else you’d like to share with Flirty Fleurs followers?
Some of my recent projects and collaborations have been an egg for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt www.thebigegghunt.co.uk . I decorated my egg with 450 preserved water lilies, and to celebrate the Queen’s diamond Jubilee I created a gin and tonic for Bombay Sapphire Gin called the “Bombay Sapphire Orange Blossom”

Most excitingly I am heading State side in September to do some teaching at the Flower School NY in September.

Contact Information:
Website: http://www.robbiehoney.com/
Blog: http://www.robbiehoney.com/blog/index.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/robbiehoney

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